Band That Name!

I get confused rather easily…  I have liked music for a lot longer than I have really followed it, as such there have been many time when I mixed up artists and bands, here are some examples:

The Cardigans and The Cranberries – Two different bands…who knew?
Michael Bolton and Ray Boltz – Not sure I can be blamed for this one…both born in 1953, both with crazy long mulets, both “mom” music.
Amy Grant and Rebecca St James – It actually wasn’t until a year or two ago I realized these were two different people.  Saw there names on the same article or CD or something…blew my mind.
Journey and Foreigner – I didn’t realize this had even happend until I was telling my friend Scott about the Amy & Rebecca mix-up and he told me he used to get Journey and Foreigner mixed up.  That was a big surprise…like that they were two different bands… big surprise!
Carly Rae Jepson and Lana Del Rey – Cannot be blamed.  Came out around the same time, got famous really fast, 1/3 of each of their names is “Ray”

And this next on is the most emabarssing…don’t judge:

Savage Garden and Soundgarden In my defense…there isn’t one.  However you can imagine my confusion when people kept talking about this seminal band that influenced Nirvana, Soundgarden, and I all could think of was “Truely, Madly, Deeply”…

How about you guys?  Anyone else have some band mix-ups in their past?


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One response to “Band That Name!

  • Sticks As Playthings

    hahahaha! This was wholly entertaining! I love the Soundgarden/Savage Garden mix up, because I had the same misconception… in Grade 9.

    The only embarrasing musical mix up I can think of that even comes close is that I used to think the Dead Kennedy’s (in)famous logo was actually the symbol for Donkey Kong. I thought there were lots of punks with safety pins in their ears and shredded jean jackets who really liked the SNES.

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