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So you know, this blog location is currently on Hold

If you would like to keep up with what I write, they are divided into two main locations:

Things of Faith+Art, theology, philosophy etc. will now be located at: http://www.logos-think.com/ where I have been asked to blog with some others. Come check it out, join the forum discussions, comment on my latest blog regarding Disneyland, Art and Transcendence

Things about, social media, the music industry, video production etc. will be at www.checkeredowl.com I’d love for you to come check it out, there is lots there already!

Thanks for all the support and love,



3 Reasons to Relieve Your Creative Constipation

I had trouble deciding what to write about this morning…We all have those moments, call it writer’s block, call it “not feeling it”, I call it creative constipation.

However, here I am sitting down on the pot to work it out (nice visual hey?). Here are three reasons you should do the same.

#1. Creativity Breeds Creativity. It’s just the way this world works, the more you discipline yourself to do something the easier it comes. If I sit around all winter and then get up in June and play a big game of soccer, it’s brutal. If I am playing every week, playing one more game hardly takes a toll. If I get in the habit of eating healthy food, eating greasy fast food is an unpleasant prospect; the converse is also true, If I eat McDonald’s everyday, soon my body craves it.

Creativity is no different, the more you exercise your creativity the more creative idea you will have, the more you will want to create.

#2. You Never Know What Will Have Impact. I use social media intentionally. I use it to connect with people I know and that I don’t yet know. I think about things to post and blogs to write. I also sometimes just throw things up for fun. Do you know what got the most engagement and interaction of all the things I posted or blogged about in the last couple months?

Two things:The Grad Hair

  1. A picture of me from highschool, goofy hair and all
  2. “Tonight a drunk guy threw his hot dog at me.”

You never know what people will connect with. Throw it out there, risk yourself, there will be people who connect with some of what you share!

# 3. Creativity Breeds Creativity. Wait…wasn’t that point #1? Kind of. Creativity also breeds creativity in others. When people see you take a risk, create, share, be open; it encourages them to do likewise. It’s never easy to go first but, wouldn’t you love to see your friends come alive, be honest, be open and share with you?

Someone has to go first.

Too Much Pride to Appear Proud


Pride.  It’s something I struggle with.  I wish I didn’t but I do, it’s quite easy for me to either:

a) Think I would know how to do (almost) everything better


b) Try to save face instead of dealing with my hurt and/or failure

Now, I don’t have a desire to turn this blog into a personal confessional, but as I thought about what to write this week I felt like it’s an appropriate discussion to be had here;  because on the flip side we all face some measure of self-doubt.  That feeling that what we have to offer isn’t really much of value.  That is a portion of the reason I missed blogging the last two weeks.  There is a fear of putting your thoughts out there.  Like I have stated in many blogs, I don’t feel like an expert.  I don’t feel like I have wisdom that comes down from heaven, out my fingers and onto people’s screens.  It feels almost narcissistic to ask people to read thoughts that roll out of my head.

I blog because a couple people I know suggested I try.  I blog because a few people who I really respect (namely Brian Thompson and Michael Hyatt) remind me of it’s potential on their podcasts most weeks.

This is the same with most artists I know.  There is this mix, this tension (have I ever mentioned I think almost everything that matters is held in tension).  People who create need to create and need to show other people their creation, it’s a longing,  a force, a need, a something that’s deep inside.  But yet there’s this tension, because, you don’t want to be shoving your meagre thoughts/creations on other people, you don’t want to be bragging, you certainly don’t want to feel like a three year old showing off their craft to an unappreciative audience.

But I think that’s the pride.

I think there is often more pride in hiding yourself away in the safety of not trying.  Like I said, my pride makes me do two things, think I’m better or try to maintain face.  I think when I don’t speak, when I refuse to let my thoughts/art out, that’s the prideful position.

So, defeat pride.  Say what you have to say, create what you were born to create.

Share and see what happens.

…and comment so I don’t feel lonely.

Blogging is hard…

I started the blog to try to ignite some meaningful conversations about the intersection of Faith and Art. It’s an intersection I have lived in for many years and think will always need continued dialogue. That being said, I have not written much (i.e. nothing). There are many reasons for this, but the largest is certainly a lack of clarity on a solid topic, so I am just going to try, the efforts will be stumbled but, every Monday I’ll post something okay? If you can comment and help get discussion going the posts will get better and better…okay?

Here are a few ideas, could you vote so I can make up my mind?:

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