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The art of moving

Well, it’s monday so I owe the world a blog. I have a better one planned out but our family is in the process of moving so… No computer or Internet and its hard to write a decent post from my phone.

That being said Brain Thompson from Thorny Bleeder (if you create art/content and want to spread it, follow him at @thornybleeder so much good advice and great links) has drilled into my head to get consistent, and so on this Monday you get a blog, live from the toilet as I reflect on moving.

The art of moving has several components.

1. Get help – we had been lucky enough to have lots of friends and family helping, that goes a long way! Everything from helping us physically move, to cleaning, to providing food, to letting us crash at their house when exhaustion hit before beds were built, watching our kids, helping us build the beds, get organized…etc. I am so thankful!

2. Avoid stress – At the end of the day you are just porting stuff. Try not to get too stressed, it’s just stuff. Things will scratched, lost and semi-lost. It’s the cost of moving. Stuff is stuff.

3. Can’t remember – kinda tired… Need to keep getting things re-organized.

Mostly don’t stress and get help.

P.s. The help helps avoid the stress.



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