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There is This Moment…

Have you ever done theatre? If you have, you know the moment I’m talking about, the moment when the stage is set, the audience has been seated, the cast is backstage, the lights are down, and the show is about to begin…

It’s beautiful, it’s terrifying, it’s exciting, it’s what you (as an artist) live for.

Performing is great. Applause are rewarding. All the multitude of hours of prep are an amazing challenge. But that moment backstage, that’s the one I love.

All your work is ready, it’s as good as it’s going to be; all that’s left is the delivery, and the chest-tightening nervousness to see a response.

I feel that today. Luke Dowler’s new album drops in 9 hours. It’s crazy good. I really hope you dig it.

Blank Stage


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